Welcome to the 2014-2015 Season

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Just wanted to welcome everyone to the new year and the new website. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know.

Blackfeet Succession Meeting

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The mighty Blackfeet met at the watering hole to enjoy the fresh air of the evening, share stories of the year’s events, and discuss the succession of leadership for the 2013-2014 season.

Chief Dances with Fish offered the peace pipe to Chief Elect, and interested candidates for Assistant Chief were reviewed and left for Steps on Frogs to take to heart and decide the future Assistant.

All in attendance had well exercised elbows and empty cups by the end of the meeting.


Blackfeet Chiefs meeting

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Noonway -

The Blackfeet leadership met on the last day of March for a review of the year and recommendations for the future. With Tribal leaders Chief Emeritus Lucky Tiger, Chief Dances with Fish, and Chief-elect Steps on Frogs in attendance, much was shared and recalled, and new ideas for solidarity and friendship building were put into action.

Memories of campouts, red cups, movies, skating, Tonkas, war games, parades and more provided much laughter for the Braves in attendance.  Preparations for the last Campout and Water Park Day were discussed over firewater and brats.

With the 2013-2014 season nearly concluded, Lucky Tiger made official his retirement. He will be sorely missed. His special talents and skills began a tradition of doing things “The Blackfeet Way” in the 2011-2012 season and it has become a firmly rooted value we instill on all new members and recruits. Thank you Chief Lucky Tiger for your leadership, drive, and fellowship. He and all alumni are welcome to join in on our activities at any time.

With the end of a season comes the passing of the peace pipe to the Blackfeet’s new leader – Chief-elect Steps on Frogs – who has been anxiously awaiting and preparing for his new role as Chief. He has much support and talent from both Braves and Princesses to continue the tradition of doing things The Blackfeet Way. Your creativity, wit, humor, and desire to be your best will lead the Tribe well next season. We all wish you the best of luck and pledge our support for next season.

Another Blackfeet Chief Emeritus – Hungry Bear – also assumes the role of Nation Chief for the 2014-2015 season, and his squaw is by his side and ready to assist our new Fox Nation Chief in his duties. The Blackfeet wish you much fun and success in the upcoming season and stand ready to assist in whatever ways we can.

Outgoing Nation Chief Bald Eagle also officially held his last Chief’s Meeting, and his leadership, enthusiasm, and desire to take the Nation to a new level has resulted in many memories and good spirits amongst all members. His Squaw – Runs with Mud – will also be sorely missed. Her input, organization and coordination of many aspects of the Nation’s activities were an integral part of the Nation’s successes. Thank you to Nation Chief & Squaw for many years of memories.

Special thanks go out to all the Blackfeet, both Braves & Princesses, and all the other Tribes of the Nation for making THIS Chief’s season an amazing one. I am proud and honored to have been your Chief this year, and look forward to the next season of making memories that will last a lifetime.

Noonway -

Chief Dances with Fish.

Iroquois – Smoke Signal – Kelly Park

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The Mighty Iroquois Princesses and Braves took to the forest where they soon discovered the age-old pigment of the flower. With this discovery each Princess and Brave laid their mark upon the hide of the mighty Bear and signed their Indian Names. To cool off on the hot day our Princesses and Braves made their way to the natural spring where they used the magical air filled tube from the mystical rubber tree and floated along the ancient passage through Kelly Park.

Iroquois – Smoke Signal – Wickham Park

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Along the sun drenched shores of Florida, there lies a camping site, teaming with new discoveries. Our Princesses evoked the mighty satellites of the sky to guide them with precision to find these hidden treasures. With the help and support of the Braves, these princesses discovered hidden Cache, within the native surroundings. Only a short distance away, along the buffalo’s path, the might blue ocean meets the shore. Here is where our Princesses and Braves challenged the sea, made new friends and even created etchings within the sand.