Doe Lake was AWESOME!

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The Mighty Blackfeet were 18 Braves and 22 Princesses strong for the Doe Lake Camping weekend. While members of the Blackfeet were the first to arrive to survey the land, other tribe members got lost and explored Ocklawaha in the Ocala National Forest. The great Google spirit had to guide them to the safety of the tribe. Everyone pitched their tents in a hurry, as the harvest sunset doesn’t wait and they needed to prepare for the Nations Friday night movie in the woods. Spartan Warrior used popping corn to please the guests and the movie was a huge hit. After the princesses were fast asleep, the braves cooked some “Midnight Brats” and shared fire water around the campfire.

Chief “Salty Beef” organized an Nation photo for a fellow Oneida brother who is going through difficult times. We asked all of the spirits to look after him, lift up his family and help with the hard road ahead. Stay strong, positive and full of love man. The Blackfeet are always thinking about you! Noonway


First thing Saturday morning, the Braves started to prepare a feast for breakfast, their hard work didn’t go unnoticed as the judges were pleased and The Blackfeet won 2nd place for this dish – Noonway! As soon as breakfast was finished, The Blackfeet Princesses competed in the Doe Lake Scavenger hunt, led by Wounded Tree and hosted by the Creek Tribe, the girls rushed to find as many items as possible and returned to the Creek in the fastest time, WINNING! the Scavenger Award – Noonway! Shortly after lunch, Eagle Eye came down with a fever and was taken to the hospital by the elders, where he spent 3 days to recover and is eager to be 100% again, we wish him the best. The Elders and Eagle Eye’s princesses managed The Blackfeet’s war game, while the other tribe members competed in some amazing and creative war games put on by the brothers from the other tribes.  When all of the points came back, The Mighty Blackfeet took 1st place in the War Games competition – Noonway! Brave Rig-a-Bamboo took the girls to learn the tribal prayer + master their AIMS and they did a great job! The other Braves were putting together the Thanksgiving themed dinner together; the delicious Turkey Stuffed Tenderloins sat well with the judges as they awarded the Blackfeet tribe with the Golden Spatula Award – Noonway! As soon as Tonka was over, the Thunder God APP put the tribe into panic mode and forced tribe members to seek shelter, leaving just a few remaining braves to weather through the night. Midnight Brats and fire water helped ward off the wet sky spirits.

As dawn broke, the campgrounds were given rays of sun to dry everything off. With the remaining tribes, The Blackfeet made this beautiful site look better than when we arrived, The Blackfeet were the last to leave and sad to go. Cheers to an epic experience at Doe Lake!

Noonway to Princess Twinkle Toes! Who had to stay home with the flu. She and Iron Grape made the best of this situation, camped out at their living room and participated in the achievements. We missed having you both with us and thanks for energizing the tribe from afar.

NOONWAY! Chief “Steps on Frogs”

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Creek Enjoy First Camp Out and Welcome New Princesses

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10/12/2014 – Creek is off to a great start again this year !!

We had our first camp out at Kelly Park / Camp Joy this past weekend and we had an AWESOME time. We had great weather the entire weekend. It was a warm sunny day Saturday and we easily cooled off with several trips down the spring in our inner tubes.

At each camp out there are several awards given out by the Nation and all of the tribes are competing for them.

Two of the very coveted awards are called the “Golden Whisk” and “Golden Spatula”. The “Golden Whisk” is given to the tribe with the best breakfast on Saturday Morning and the “Golden Spatula” is given to the tribe with the best dinner on Saturday evening. The judging team is made up of select dads and daughters that join together and taste each of the different tribe’s breakfasts and dinners. The dads and daughters selected for the breakfast tasting then vote and award a “Golden Whisk” award for the best breakfast and runner up.  The dads and daughters selected for the dinner tasting then vote and award a “Golden Spatula” award the best dinner and runner up. I am proud to report that our Creek tribe won the “Golden Spatula” award for dinner and we were the runner up (2nd Place) for the “Golden Whisk” breakfast competition. I want to congratulate Sophia’s dad, Francois Dennaoul (Assist Chief Fire Dude) for his very much deserved “Golden Spatula” win this weekend. With the help of several of our tribal dads, Francois cooked up an unbelievable chicken and rice dinner. Great job Fire Dude !!!!


There is also a “Best Camp Site” award given. Each tribe groups their tents together and creates their own camp site. A group of judges visits each of the tribe’s camp sites and establish which tribe they think has the “Best Camp Site”. For this first camp out, Creek placed 2nd for the “Best Camp Site”. Our little princesses did an awesome job walking the judges through our camp site and answering their questions. Great job Creek Princesses !!!!

All of the awards are given out Saturday night at the formal nation gathering called Tonka. Our princesses went up and accepted each of these awards from the Nation Chief as he announced the winners. Our princesses were so excited with these wins. With these wins, our princesses are on track to meet their requirements for “Honor Tribe” this season.

WELCOME NEW “PRINCESSES”– I want to welcome the new Princesses and their Dads to Creek. On behalf of our entire Creek tribe I want to give a welcome to Elle and Taylor Mangin as well as their dad, Cole; Ella Acosta and her dad, Jonathon;  Ava Ni and her dad, Jim;  Gabrielle Dennaoui and her dad, DeGaulle;  and Eva Mitchell and her dad, Doug. We welcome you to our Creek Family and hope you enjoyed the weekend !!!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this weekend a memorable one.



Creek Dads Meet To Plan 1st Camp Out and More

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10/7/2014 – Creek dads met at Gator’s to work on our plan for the Kelly Park camp out this weekend as well as to look ahead to other upcoming tribal events. We partook in the consumption of some wings and other refreshments. We worked together and finalized many of the details for our 2014-2015 camping season. We discussed our responsibilities for the upcoming Nation Halloween Carnival, agreed on wampum for 2014-2015 season and finalized and approved the design for this years Creek Tribe t-shirts . It was a very productive get together and everyone had a good time.

Our entire Creek Tribe is excited to get this camping season started this weekend at Kelly Park / Camp Joy !!!

Noonway !!

Creek Tribe Joins Nation for Recruiting BBQ at Dr. Phillips YMCA

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8/23/14 – Our Creek Tribe officially kicked off our Wilderness Guides 2014-2015 season with our Recruiting BBQ at the Dr. Phillips YMCA. We had a great turnout of new and returning families and everyone had a great time. As we start the 2014-2015 season we want to give a warm welcome to our new Father and Daughter duos that officially joined Creek today. Even though we had several families graduate last year we signed up several new youngsters today. We are in great shape this year to “FIRE IT UP THE CREEK WAY” !!

Thank you again to all of our Creek families for joining us with this BBQ event and getting signed up for the 2014-2015 camping season.

Noonway !!!!

The Blackfeet are getting ready for Doe Lake

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On Sunday Nov. 2nd, The Mighty Blackfeet did a movie trial run at Iron Grape & Princess Twinkletoes home.  “The Goonies” w/pizza was the theme and football + red cups went well with the elders discussions of domination at Doe Lake. The Blackfeet are excited to be hosting “Friday night movie & popcorn in the woods” at Doe Lake. The Mighty Blackfeet are looking forward to another adventure with the Dr. Phillips Wilderness program this weekend. NOONWAY! Chief “Steps on Frogs”



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9/27/2014 – The Creek tribe started our 2014-2015 season with a fun kickoff BBQ. Our entire tribe would like to thank Creek’s Assistant Chief “Fire Dude” and Family for hosting this very fun event. Our families enjoyed an awesome cookout, desserts, crafts, games, swimming and a bonfire. Our Creek tribe had a great turnout and welcomed several new faces. Creek remains to be a strong tribe and will be growing larger this year with 6 new princesses joining this season. Everyone enjoyed a chance to catch up and we were able to start our discussions of the upcoming camping season. Everyone had a great time. Once again, “THANK YOU” to “Fire Dude” and family for hosting this awesome event. This was a great example of “FIRING IT UP THE CREEK WAY” !!


Fox Tribe Video

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Here’s a video we put together for the Recruitment BBQ.  As you can see, the Fox have fun!

Fox Smoke Signals

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The Fox Tribe has kicked off the season strong, welcoming in 5 new Dads and 8 Guides during our first tribe get-together at Fort Christmas park. After Brown Hawk gave an informative history lesson about the real Fox Tribe, we toured the fort, which was built during the Second Seminole Indian War. The Guides also enjoyed walking through the pioneer homes, where some took particular interest in the bowl of corn cobs sitting inside the outhouse.

A few weeks later, the Fox Tribe assembled its teepees along the scenic banks of Rock Springs Run for the Kelly Park campout. On Friday evening, Read More …

Seminoles Conquer Camp Joy

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The Mighty Seminoles are now 9 Braves and 9 Princesses strong, all of whom joined in the first campout at Camp Joy/Kelly Park.  The Princesses all learned about fire safety and got achievement badges, and also all joined in a soap-carving activity. The Seminoles hosted the breakfast and dinner competitions, and the Princesses loved floating down the Springs in the magic circles (and the snow cones afterward, too!). The campout was a huge success for the Seminoles who won TWO awards at the Tonka: the Good Neighbor Award, and Second Place in the scavenger hunt. The Seminoles even helped “keep the peace” among the other tribes at night, whose “war chants” and drum beats were growing too loud (and much too Hall & Oates) and were disturbing the honorable Elders of the other Tribes.  All in all, a great weekend filled with wonderful daddy & daughter memories.  The Mighty Seminoles look forward to the next territory to conquest in November, the mythical land of Koko…..

Seminoles Meet at Chief Runs With Scissors to plan conquests

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The Mighty Seminole Tribe rallied their Braves and Princesses, including 3 new Braves and 3 new Princesses, to conquer the 2014-15 territories, starting with Camp Joy.  To plan the first conquest, the Tribe had a pow-wow at Chief Runs With Scissors’ teepee, where the Princesses enjoyed making craft leather friendship bracelets (and snow-cones too!), practiced the 5 Aims, and the Seminole Cheer, while the Braves planned out their mission for the year, war games, meals, supplies and logistics.  The Seminoles look forward to a great year with many conquests and wonderful memories with their beautiful Princesses.