Apache’s day on Roper Lake

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Noonway to all,

On Saturday September 20th, the Braves of the Mighty Apache Tribe gathered under the Florida sun for a mid-day tribal counsel in the settlement of Windermere, on the shores of the Great Roper Lake. Great meal stuffs were had by the braves between enjoying the cool lake water and warm cement pond. Many braves were entertained by many rides behind the oil burning canoe. A great battle was had, by the young braves with water firing guns. The leadership of the mighty tribe recognized their new Assistant Chief Running Bull, and made great plans for the upcoming season of sleeping beneath the great Florida sky. As the evening sky slid across the great citrus groves of Windermere, the mighty Apache adjourned their counsel and dispersed into the surrounding woodlands.

Onc Tridc & Noonway
Chief Walking Gator of the Mighty Apache Tribe

The Mighty Blackfeet meet some of the “New Recruits”

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On August 21st 2014, The Mighty Blackfeet had a huge showing to encourage 5 new dads to join the tribe. The local Winter Garden watering hole created the perfect  atmosphere to socialize with the them and to explain how the one on one experience they will have with their princesses in this program is one they’ll never forget. The Blackfeet keep getting stronger, closer and we are all looking forward to our 1st campout at Camp Joy. Noonway! Chief “Steps on Frogs”

Auction Information and Donation Process

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One of the most important things we do in the Wilderness Program is to spend time bonding with our sons and daughters. Everything each of you do helps contribute to the memories these kids will have for the rest of their lives. Even if you are a first year Dad who’s only responsibility is to show up and help wash dishes or setup the campsite, you are helping to make the weekend special by taking time out of your life so you and your child can bond and build memories; they will remember and appreciate everything you are doing.

All the things we do in the Wilderness Program are done by us Dads. We contribute our time gladly in order to create these memories, not just for ourselves and our kids, but for all the other 130 kids and their Dads. While we all work hard to create these memories, time and effort alone cannot support this program and we need donations to keep the memories going. The donations go to things like campsite fees, the awards we build for every campout, food at the end of the year graduation, all the graduation gifts, entertainment for the kids like the snake dude or the DJ, team building events like building the tribe banners or the glowstick party, the site patches, equipment, art supplies,…. and the list goes on.

We are asking each of you to go out and gather donations. The donations can be cash or check, but we are really looking for things we can auction off at our Halloween party at the Y in October. This could be gift cards from your favorite restaurant. Maybe your place of work would be willing to offer something. Last year one of my Braves donated a signed basketball from an NBA player that they had sitting in their house, others have donated resort or golf packages, and even theme park tickets. One of the Dads from last year would talk to the manager at every place he did personal business and asked for a donation. Another Dad has a picture of himself and his daughter dressed in their tribe regalia and he shows it to the person they are talking to and out comes a check or donation. Reach out to former Dads! It’s easier than you think!

Our goal this year is 25K; with 14 tribes that’s about $1800 per tribe or $210 per Dad. This year we have added an online tracking sheet and a sponsorship letter you can use when you talk with folks. Please visit the Donations Page for more information.

Thank you for helping us build great memories with our children!

Welcome to the 2014-2015 Season

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Just wanted to welcome everyone to the new year and the new website. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know.

Blackfeet Succession Meeting

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The mighty Blackfeet met at the watering hole to enjoy the fresh air of the evening, share stories of the year’s events, and discuss the succession of leadership for the 2013-2014 season.

Chief Dances with Fish offered the peace pipe to Chief Elect, and interested candidates for Assistant Chief were reviewed and left for Steps on Frogs to take to heart and decide the future Assistant.

All in attendance had well exercised elbows and empty cups by the end of the meeting.