and the 2014-2015 Tribe of the Year is….. The Mighty Blackfeet Tribe!

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Heck of a year for The Mighty Blackfeet tribe! I want to thank each & every tribe member for busting your dreamcatchers and Tonka sticks to bring home another “Tribe of the Year victory” , The true Blackfeet Way! This was the 4th, tribe of the year award in a row for The Mighty Blackfeet Tribe, NOONWAY!!!!! 4 PEAT. We had a blast at every tribal event/meeting, Nation event and at every single Camp-out. I am working on the Wikipedia page now for the “Blackfeet Way” and think the first paragraph will be “ Making the most out of the YWilderness program & enjoying the epic bond that grows each day with your daughter”.

The Excitement on our girls faces following the graduation ceremony was priceless and the restlessness leading up to the ceremony of all the worn out braves was a powerful testament to the pride we all have in being a Blackfoot, Noonway! It has been an honor to of been the chief of such an awesome group of guys and their girls this year! Thank you to Nation Chief Hungry Bear & Chief Dances with Fish for the opportunity to be in this program and continue with the Blackfeet traditions. I know Chief Charging Buck will make next year one we will cherish for years to come. One for the thumb

Noonway, Chief Steps on Frogs “4PEAT”


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Blackfeet leaders meet to plan for the mighty Graduation Campout

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3 generations of Chiefs and the 2 cook team leaders met to plan for our next camp-out at the Elks Youth Camp in Umatilla. Enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Red Eye grill with our princesses and are now prepared for the great adventure that awaits us. Looking forward to spending some quality time with our princesses and fellow braves. Noonway! Chief Steps on Frogs

The Blackfeet met to plan for the 2015 family camp-out!

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Blackfeet members met at the local watering hole to plan for the Family campout, that is going to be at Westgate’s River Ranch this year. Shopping afterwards was intense, Sam’s was going to close in 20 min, The Mighty Blackfeet are going to be 54 family members strong for this weekend of fun and they are going to want to EAT . The braves shopping, treated this as if it was a war game and finished as the lights were being turned off. Looking forward to an epic weekend showing the Squaws what The Blackfeet “Way” is all about. Noonway! Chief Steps on Frogs

Nation Movie day was epic!

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The Mighty Blackfeet showed up in numbers to watch Disney’s McFarland USA. A true against-all-odds story of the 1987 McFarland high school cross country team in an economically challenged community in California. We all stuffed our faces with popcorn & soda at Ocoee’s West Orange 5 theater, who treated us very well. On the edge of our seats, we cheered and wiped a tear or two. This inspirational movie is one the whole family enjoyed, thanks once again to the Nation for putting this event together. Noonway! Chief Steps on Frogs


Seminoles Win Four Awards at F. Burton Smith Valentine’s Weekend Campout!

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The Unconquered Seminole Tribe had a fantastic time at the F. Burton Smith Valentine’s Weekend Campout!  Our Tribe had great attendance, and we won FOUR awards!:  (1) Golden Whisk – 1st Place; (2) Best War Game (which our Princesses came up with) – 1st Place; (3) Campsite – 2nd Place; (4) War Games (points) – 2nd Place!   The Seminoles hosted this campout together with the Iroquois — many thanks to that great Tribe!   Our Tribe enjoyed a quick stop at Lone Cabbage on Friday night, where our Princesses and Braves got to stomp on a Gator – which is always fun for a Seminole!  The Princesses loved the Valentine’s Dance — and many thanks to the organizers for planning such a fun event.

The freezing cold night made the beautiful day Saturday even more enjoyable.  The girls got to go fishing – some for the first time, and some even caught some fish!

All in all a great weekend and perfect way for the Braves to escape any Valentine’s Day obligations with their squaws!

The Blackfeet tribe hits the lanes

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On March 1st, 2015 The Mighty Blackfeet had a bowling outing at Waterford Lakes Firkin Kegler. This was an amazing event with awesome company, food, drinks, games and BOWLING! The Blackfeet princesses did not use the bumpers and learned how to aim for the pins with focus, determination and persistence in spite of difficulty of this game. We are very proud of our girls and look forward to our next Blackfeet adventure! Noonway – Chief Steps on Frogs


Seminoles Loved Doe Lake!

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Noonway! The Seminole’s loved the addition of Doe Lake to the Nation’s campsite rotation!  Our Princesses spent many hours in the great lake fishing for bait and hunting the lowly gators.  As part of their achievements the Princesses took their Braves for a “short” 3-mile hike around the great lake. We saw plenty of nature’s creatures; squirrels, frogs, birds… and an old sofa which they were sure was a campsite of an old Seminole warrior!  The Seminoles’ talents and skills were recognized before the Nation at Tonka, with two awards!  Great job girls!  Although the nights were “crisp” the days were gorgeous allowing for a wonderful weekend had by all at this beautiful campsite!  Noonway!

Great Turnout for Seminoles at RDV Ice Skating Day!

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The Seminole Tribe had a great day ice skating at RDV last Saturday!  We had a great turnout with 7 dads, and even a mom, and some siblings!  It seemed there were more Seminoles than any other tribe at the rink.   Many thanks to the Nation Chiefs for arranging this fun day, and thanks to the RDV staff for letting us have the pro rink all to ourselves!

Seminoles Enjoy Massive Tonka at Roper!

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The Seminole Tribe had a blast at the Roper campout, enjoying the massive Tonka bonfire made up of Christmas trees, and enjoyed an incredible Colombian meat dish Friday night!  Who knew you could wrap beef in a towel, throw it in a fire, and it would come out perfectly tender in delicious?!  We had a good turnout with 9 dads and 9 Princesses, and just missed winning the Hula Hoop Contest.  All in all, a great weekend of daddy/daughter bonding.   Looking forward to avoiding the Valentine’s Day crowds at the next one!

Seminoles’ Award-Winning Float at Christmas Parade

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The Seminole Tribe gathered at the Lampshire house to decorate their parade float with a ‘North Pole’ theme.  The girls had a blast and the dad’s had some (root?) beers….  The float came out great and won an award at the awesome Christmas Parade!