Fox Tribe Video

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Here’s a video we put together for the Recruitment BBQ.  As you can see, the Fox have fun!

Fox Smoke Signals

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The Fox Tribe has kicked off the season strong, welcoming in 5 new Dads and 8 Guides during our first tribe get-together at Fort Christmas park. After Brown Hawk gave an informative history lesson about the real Fox Tribe, we toured the fort, which was built during the Second Seminole Indian War. The Guides also enjoyed walking through the pioneer homes, where some took particular interest in the bowl of corn cobs sitting inside the outhouse.

A few weeks later, the Fox Tribe assembled its teepees along the scenic banks of Rock Springs Run for the Kelly Park campout. On Friday evening, Read More …

Seminoles Conquer Camp Joy

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The Mighty Seminoles are now 9 Braves and 9 Princesses strong, all of whom joined in the first campout at Camp Joy/Kelly Park.  The Princesses all learned about fire safety and got achievement badges, and also all joined in a soap-carving activity. The Seminoles hosted the breakfast and dinner competitions, and the Princesses loved floating down the Springs in the magic circles (and the snow cones afterward, too!). The campout was a huge success for the Seminoles who won TWO awards at the Tonka: the Good Neighbor Award, and Second Place in the scavenger hunt. The Seminoles even helped “keep the peace” among the other tribes at night, whose “war chants” and drum beats were growing too loud (and much too Hall & Oates) and were disturbing the honorable Elders of the other Tribes.  All in all, a great weekend filled with wonderful daddy & daughter memories.  The Mighty Seminoles look forward to the next territory to conquest in November, the mythical land of Koko…..

Seminoles Meet at Chief Runs With Scissors to plan conquests

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The Mighty Seminole Tribe rallied their Braves and Princesses, including 3 new Braves and 3 new Princesses, to conquer the 2014-15 territories, starting with Camp Joy.  To plan the first conquest, the Tribe had a pow-wow at Chief Runs With Scissors’ teepee, where the Princesses enjoyed making craft leather friendship bracelets (and snow-cones too!), practiced the 5 Aims, and the Seminole Cheer, while the Braves planned out their mission for the year, war games, meals, supplies and logistics.  The Seminoles look forward to a great year with many conquests and wonderful memories with their beautiful Princesses.

The Blackfeet have ANOTHER “New” Recruit!!!!!

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The Blackfeet Invited Veggie Brat and Princess Diamond out to Camp Joy, to see what being a Blackfoot is all about (He wasn’t sure the YWilderness program was for him?) . ……… As everyone was waking on Sunday morning, he came to the leaders of the tribe and asked “Alright :) I’m in! How do I sign up? I asked him to put in his words, what his experience was like, below is his response. NOONWAY!

I am “Veggie Brat” and my daughter is “Princess Diamond. On the drive to Camp Joy, we were both feeling apprehensive, anxious, and overwhelmed.  Thoughts of whether or not we were going to fit in; be the odd man out; or really struggle to be accepted persisted during the entire ride. After turning off the engine of the van, Princess Diamond and I sat there for a few seconds – surveying the land – studying it to locate a quick escape route if one was needed. As we sat there wondering what have we gotten ourselves into, I broke the silence when I turned to Princess Diamond and said “You ready to do this?”.  She replied “let’s go”. As the automatic doors of the van slowly opened, curious princess descended onto our van from all directions.  They practically pulled Princess Diamond from the safety of the van.  A look of relief consumed her
Read More …

Cayuga Has Awesome Camp Out At Kelly Park !!!!

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10/5/2014 – Cayuga is off to a great start again this year and we are already looking good to defend our win of last year’s “Tribe of the Year” title.

We had our first camp out at Kelly Park / Camp Joy this past weekend and we had an AWESOME time. It started off with a little rain Friday evening but we had great weather the rest of our stay. It was a warm sunny day Saturday and we easily cooled off with several trips down the spring in our inner tubes.

At each camp out there are four main awards given out by the Nation and all of the tribes are competing for them.

There is a very coveted award called the “Golden Spatula” award given to the tribe with the best dinner Saturday evening. The judging team is made up of a dad and son team from each tribe that joins together and goes to each camp site and taste each of the different tribe’s dinners. These 6 dads and 6 sons then vote and award a “Golden Spatula” award to the best Read More …

Cayuga Dads Meet at Gator’s Dockside !!!!

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9/30/2014 – Cayuga dads meet a Gator’s to work on the plan for the Kelly Park camp out this weekend as well as to look ahead to other upcoming events. We partook in the consumption of some wings and other refreshments. It was a very productive get together and everyone had a good time. We are all excited to get this camping season started this weekend at Kelly Park / Camp Joy.

Cayuga Wins Chili Cook Off !!!!

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8/23/14 – Cayuga officially kicked off our Wilderness Guides 2014-2015 season with our Recruiting BBQ at the Dr. Phillips YMCA. We had a great turnout of our Cayuga families and everyone had a great time.

This year the nation added an extra challenge and had a chili cook off between the tribes. As Chief of our Cayuga tribe I want to thank Matt and Mason Long for earning us some early points with a win with his awesome CHICKEN CHILI.

As we start the 2014-2015 season I want to give a warm welcome to our new Father and Son duos that officially joined Cayuga today. I want to officially welcome Hayden and Brandon Leis to our tribe. I also want to offer a special welcome to Cole and Mark Poorman to Cayuga. Cole and Mark are transferring to Cayuga from another tribe. The Poorman Family has been active in the Guides and Princess programs for more than 8 years. Mark has held several leadership positions during that time. I am excited that Cole and Mark are joining Cayuga and I look forward to having access to Mark’s experience and guidance this season. As Chief of the Cayuga tribe I want to welcome the Leis and Poorman families to our tribe.

Thank you again to all of our Cayuga families for joining us with this BBQ event and getting signed up for the 2014-2015 camping season.     Noonway !!!!

Cayuga Braves Play Laser Tag

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6/26/2014 – Our Cayuga tribe had a midsummer get together and played several rounds of laser tag. Everyone enjoyed a chance to catch up and we were able to start our discussions of the upcoming camping season. We will have 100% of last year’s families returning as well as a few new families that will be joining our tribe. Everyone had a great time.


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4/5/2014 – Congratulations to our Cayuga Tribe for winning the Cherokee Nation’s “TRIBE OF THE YEAR” for the 2013-2014 camping season. Great job Cayuga braves and dads. Have a great summer and we will see everyone back this fall and defend our “TRIBE OF THE YEAR” title.      NOONWAY !!!!!